Jeramiah Solven

When I was considering working with Chris, I was concerned with the investment. I ended up going for it because I TRUSTED him so much. The concern on the investment dissipated after a few conversations. Chris has helped me eliminate debt and increased my net worth by $50,000 in just 3 months!!

Alex Goldfayn

I have worked with Chris Patterson for nearly a decade now, and it is my pleasure to recommend him enthusiastically to anyone considering his coaching services.  Frankly, I cannot think of a more effective business coach than Chris, nor can I come up with traits or abilities he might be lacking for this incredibly important work he is doing. 

David Hilburn

My experience with Chris has been outstanding! In just one year of coaching Chris has helped me balance my life, find peace of mind and learn how to set goals and actually achieve them.
Best of all, I have tripled my income using a unique strategy Chris taught me which has dramatically changed my lifestyle. If you are serious about getting ahead in life, just call Chris.

Here's Just Some Of What Will Be Covered…
  • A step-by-step plan which will simplify and clarify the necessary procedures you need to reach your goals. 
  • How to identify specific goals 
  • Keys to balance your life's priorites 
  • How to qualify your dreams so you are working on the most important ones first
  • The 7-step formula for setting goals
  • Finally, a commitment to yourself that will lead you to Victory!